We Offer

We Offer

A team of dedicated, sensitive teachers who are constantly motivating, monitoring and nurturing our kids.

We also offer:
Colorful and spacious learning centers stocked to the brim with books, puzzles, toys and art supplies designed to woo a children attention.
A vast and expansive outdoor play area cushioned with soft sand and a range of play equipment that are all safe and hygienically maintained.
A pantry that churns out healthy, sumptuous treats and serves as a space for exciting cooking projects.

Thematic approach Term-wise theme around which all activities are focused. For example Prehistoric Life, Space Exploration, Water World.
Field Trips Outside the campus that help broaden your kid’s horizons.
Life Help Skills Children are encouraged to share and resolve conflicts. Cleaning up forms a part of the children’s etiquette training.
Circle Time A group discussion module where children are encouraged to express their opinions and share perspectives.
Child-centric Program In keeping with the theory of multiple intelligences of children, we provide instructional methods and assessment tools.
Specialist Time Experts in music, dance and theater expose the kids to a whole new experience.
Community Event A family picnic, that brings the kids, parents and teachers together, is organized each term.

Working hours

8:45 AM – 5:00 PM
04144 - 291234 / 292233
04144 - 224234

About Us

We at Reggiokids believe in making the first three years of the child’s life the most memorable ones! Since…

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