Our Belief

Our Belief

At Reggiokids we nurture, watch and guide our kids as they learn, develop and grow.

We firmly believe in:

  • A holistic and practical education in order to turn out well-rounded and confident children.
  • A safe and fun-filled learning environment with emphasis on both physical and mental growth.
  • ‘Stress-free’ learning that uses games and hands-on activities as the primary tools of instruction.
  • A low student-teacher ratio to support and encourage each children’s creativity and individuality.
  • A community of children from all walks of life, nationalities and abilities.
  • A child-centric curriculum, that is in-depth, innovative, age-appropriate and constantly evolving.
  • A parent community that fosters a love of learning, sharing, compassion and empathy.
  • Raising children in a socially-conscious and environmentally-aware setting, to become “global citizens”.

Working hours

8:45 AM – 5:00 PM
04144 - 291234 / 292233
04144 - 224234

About Us

We at Reggiokids believe in making the first three years of the child’s life the most memorable ones! Since…

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